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Blueberry Silvertip is a high THC indica dominant hybrid that combines Bhut Jolokia Hindu Kush, and G-13 to provide a surprising burst of energy. The fact that it is a sativa with a different name is what makes this hybrid unique. After consumption, users experience relaxation as well as muscular tension, mental lift and relief from headaches.

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Silvertip Strain is of top quality and waiting to open the door to the world of smoking the finest hand-rolled 100% pure Indica cannabis joint with wildflowers. Blueberry Silvertip is our Blueberry Silvertip can be described as a hybrid variety which is a combination of Afghani, Purple Thai, and Big Sky’s Granddaddy Purple, and Super Silver Haze. It is cultivated on our farm in the mountain ranges of Colorado it has the sweet berry flavors as well as earthy forest and skunk-like overtones. This premium flower is great for enjoying in any environment.

Blueberry Silvertip Blueberry Silvertip is a cross between Afghani, Purple Thai, and Big Sky’s Grandaddy Purple, and Super Silver Haze. Its buds have a dark, green color and have hairs of orange that are covered with crystals. The scent is sweet with notes of berries, with a hint of earthy forest. It’s a good balance between indica and sativa flavors without having too much of either. Although this particular harvest doesn’t taste like the sweet I was expecting but it does have pleasant flavor to go along with the aroma. I decided to remove the product from my grinder and place it in containers for storing weeds as I didn’t want it to be a mess.

The strong, uplifting benefits of Blueberry Silvertip strain are perfect for relieving tension in the muscles, anxiety, tension, headaches and stress. This hybrid that is sativa dominant is the result of an intermix of Afghani, Purple Thai, and Big Sky’s Grandaddy Purple cross-bred together with Super Silver Haze.

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Blueberry Silvertip is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is part of Big Sky’s illustrious “Resist” family of cannabis varieties. It is resistant to mold, drought and pests The huge colas of this particular strain remind us of muffins made with blueberries. The aroma of the plant has sweetness and berry notes that are accompanied by earthy notes.

Blueberry Silvertip has a berry mix of Sour Diesel Big Skunk Kush, and the taste of fruit. It’s great for …relaxation and easing anxiety and tension.”

A popular choice with our staff and patients, Blueberry Silvertip is a well-liked choice for those looking for an intense indica-dominant hybrid. With a berry-like flavor and the scent of forest floor the bud is a smoky one that provides an intense relief from headaches, pain as well as insomnia, stress and tension. THC levels up to 23 percent make this strain one of the most potent choices we have.

The buds are dense and strong, with the highest calyx-to-leaf ratio. Buds are encased in crystal trichomes and covered with a dense coat of sticky resin. The scent is sweet berry, with scents of forest, earthy and Skunk. The effects begin immediately following consumption, with a feeling of mental lifting, relaxation of muscle tension and stress as well as headache alleviation.

Blueberry Silvertip Marijuana Strain – 420medicalqualities

This Super Silver Haze family is awash with scents of sweet berries, earth, and a pronounced smell of Skunk. Similar berry notes are also present with Blueberry Silvertip except accompanied by an earthy scent unlike any other. Blueberry Silvertip gives immediate muscle relaxation and tension relief, which is perfect for pain that is caused by physical with anxiety, stress, or migraines.

Blueberry Silvertip Blueberry Silvertip is sativa-dominated hybrid that offers the sweet and earthy scent of berries derived that is derived from its Afghani influence. Furthermore, this bud has an enticing skunky taste that comes from the Haze branch of its lineage. This makes an enjoyable smoking experience. This strain has won praise from marijuana lovers for its capacity to create tranquil effects, while also offering the durability and relief from stress.

Silvertip is the most sought-after, powerful Indica. The aroma of berries and earthy forests will greet your upon the exhale, while simultaneously relaxing muscles tension. It will ease headaches with small taste of Silvertip. It is one of the top seeds for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Pure indica strain that is selected to give you an invigorating cerebral high that melts tension. Sweet berry scent and earthy undertones of forest and the scent of Skunk.

Blueberry Silvertip is the perfect wine for those who want to experience something different. It was harvested in late September and has notes of earth and berries with hints of old forest (much as wine). It is definitely a wonderful smoke to enjoy in your “cafe” or outdoors.

Blueberry Silvertip can be described as a hybrid between Afghani, Purple Thai, the Big Sky’s Grandaddy Purple, and Super Silver Haze. It can leave you feeling happy and energetic. It has a fruity aroma with woody undertones. Blueberry Silvertip may be helpful for headaches and muscle pain and may help alleviate anxiety and stress.


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