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Purchase Magic Fudge Brownies near me The bigger brother of the two-bite chocolate brownie, much like a 4 bite brownie. It contains 100 mg of brownie, so be careful not to overindulge! Be aware that for all food items it can take as long as 1.5 hours for the effects to get the effect. Be patient! contains nuts. ( In the event that you suffer from allergies to nuts or a nut allergy, we can bake a version that is nut-free. The minimum order quantity is 24 hours. Contact us via phone to place an order. ) These High-THC brownies are ideal for those who want a high amount of THC in a delicious, edible form. They’re the perfect blend of a traditional brownie recipe with a high THC strain..

Purchase Magic Fudge Brownies near me The famous brownies that contain pot, which are a long-standing ingredient in marijuana recipes, food and even culture. They’re referred to as pot brownies or marijuana brownies marijuana brownies or cannabis brownies the THC edible is what you’ve been looking for!

Almost a quarter pound each. They’re dense, cakey and loaded with chocolate. Place a couple of them in your purse to make the afternoon, late afternoon pick-me-ups and bribes for inter-office meetings.

Each brownie is packaged individually and clearly for security and not to be used as the gift box.

Magic Brownie
The original. The soft, chocolaty chewy, chewy, and chewy, with toasted walnuts , and topped with a light chocolate crust. USA Today raved about the cookies. They also raved about them. It is worth to note the fact that Magic Brownies are more cake like than fluffy and moist.

Black Magic Brownie
Similar great brownie to the original but without nuts.

Pecan Blondie
Sweet pecan praline is given an icy kick from salt from the sea and is incorporated into the butterscotch (no-chocolate) brownie. The brownie is a big hit among those who like caramel.

Buenos Aires Dulce de Leche Brownie
2 layers of Black Magic brownies are sandwiched between an indulgence layer of delicious dulce de dulce milk caramel. It is topped with burned sugar. The most delicious, softest, and sweetest most rich brownies soft and gooey as a brownie.

Townie Brownie
Gluten-free, made of amaranth and quinoa, then packed choc chunks. With a texture more fudge-like than cake, you can serve it to any brownie lover and they might even not notice the wheat.
While the brownie’s ingredients themselves are gluten-free It is produced at Zingerman’s Bakehouse where we make use of wheat flour in our other products.


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