Clementine 1:1 Distillate Oil Applicator


Purchase a clementine transparency application online. Clementine is an uplifting, citrus-flavored sativa hybrid that is a mix with Tangie and lemon skunk Genetics. Users are energized, content at ease, relaxed, and imaginative.

The bigger sister of the two-bite brownie and is more like a four-bite brownie. It contains 100 mg of brownie, so be careful not to overindulge! Be aware that for all food items it can take as long as 1.5 hours for the effects to get the effect. Be patient! contains nuts. ( In the event that you suffer from allergies to nuts or a nut allergy, we can bake a version that is nut-free. Minimum order quantity is 24 hours. Contact us via phone to place your order. ) These brownies with high-THC are great for those who want a healthy amount of THC in a delicious, edible form.

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